This Thanksgiving Bundle comes with a variety of activities that can be used all year round.
From farm themed wordless play books to dinner table with family, there is a lot of opportunity for following directions.
Use with a telepractice platform and remote screen share
(Disclaimer: You will have to verify and check your own platform. Zoom allows remote access and Google Meet has a ‘One Click’ add-on for giving remote access. Users are responsible for verifying their own security permissions).

The Thanksgiving Bundle includes 5 games and 19 activities (e.g., each game has multiple games within):
– Funny Turkey Wind-Up
– Where’s Turkey? Where’s Kitty Wordless Play Book (6-in-1 activities, Requesting flap book, Prepositions Free Play)
– Thanksgiving Food (4-in-1 Vocab + Expanding Language)
– Being Thankful (4-in-1 Pronouns + Following Directions)
– Dinner Tables: Thanksgiving (4-in-1 Free Play, Receptive Language Social Thinking)