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Hello! I create speech and language materials for early intervention. I am including a few demos on this page of Boom CardsSM that may be helpful to use within Auditory Verbal Skills Training. During some of my sessions, I have had to move to Zoom for healthcare. This has been challenging for auditory and receptive tasks, but I have created some materials suitable for early intervention.

During telepractice, I use Zoom for Healthcare and “share screen”, then “give mouse control”.  Alternatively, I have heard of others who use Google Meet to ask the student/client to host the meeting and show their screen (for those who cannot give mouse control over Zoom). When I am in-centre, I have also used some activities on a tablet as it can be easily disinfected.

To use Boom CardsSM,  you need an internet connection, a Boom LearningSM user account, and Boom Cards. If you have a Boom Learning user account, you can click this to download the CPA demo.

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TEST OUT “Conditioned Play Audiometry – Practice Edition”

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Toy Box

playtok My Puppy

playtok My Puppy


Magic Mirror – St. Patrick’s Day

Dinner Tables – Thanksgiving

Being Thankful

Story Spotlight – Winter Fun

Let’s Go Apple Picking!

Let’s Have Sushi!

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