Assessment & Therapy

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Assessment & Therapy Fees:

  • Virtual Assessment- $150  (1 hour, additional fee for reports)
  • Virtual Therapy – $140/hour  (if therapy is <4x a month)
  • Virtual Ongoing Therapy – 45 minute sessions may be available (if therapy is >3x per month)

General Baby Communication Group (this is not therapy):

  • Virtual playTOK Ages & Stages Baby Group – 5 weeks of training – $150

Communication Ages and Stages

Our pediatric allied health team answers frequently asked questions

  • Makes cooing sounds
  • Has different cries for different needs
  • Smiles at you
  • Startles to loud sounds
  • Soothes/calms to a familiar voice
  • Babbles and makes different sounds
  • Makes sounds back when you talk
  • Enjoys games like peek-a-boo
  • Turns his/her eyes toward a sound source
  • Responds to music or toys that makes noises
  • Waves hi/bye
  • Responds to his/her name
  • Lets you know what he/she wants using sounds, and/or actions like pointing
  • Begins to follow simple directions (e.g., Where is your nose?)
  • Pays attention when spoken to
  • Uses common words and starts to put words together
  • Enjoys listening to storybooks
  • Points to body parts or pictures in a book when asked
  • Looks at your face when talking to you
  • Understands more words than he/she can say
  • Says two words together (e.g., more water)
  • Asks simple questions (e.g., what’s that?)
  • Takes turns in conversation
  • Uses sentences of 3 or more words most of the time
  • Understands different concepts (e.g., in-on; up-down; big-little)
  • Follows two-step directions (e.g., get the book and put it on the shelf)
  • Answers simple questions (e.g., Where is the car?)
  • Participates in short conversations
  • Tells a short story or talks about daily activities
  • Talks in sentences with adult-like grammar (e.g., uses articles a/the, pronouns I/me/she/them/your, uses verb tenses walking/sleeps/played/will swim)
  • Generally speaks clearly so people can understand
  • Answers a variety of questions
  • Pronounces most speech sounds correctly
  • Participates in and understands conversations
  • Recognizes familiar signs (e.g., stop sign)
  • Makes up rhymes
  • Understands most of what is said at home and at school
  • Listens to and retells a story
  • Asks and answers questions about a story

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