Articulation Candy Castle – ALL SOUNDS ! Various individual decks for sounds: H W P B M T D N K G NG F V S Z SH CH J TH R L SBlends LBlends Rblends RVocalic.

After making the Reinforcer game “Candy Castle”, I have long wanted to create an easy-to-use set with the articulation sounds. Pick a door to reveal gumballs. When you collect 3 gumballs, click the ‘Magic Keys’ to continue!

Watch the video demo:

Available as individual sounds (great for home practice assignment):

Available as a bundle with all sounds:

Sample Screenshot:
screenshot of s sound boom card

Additional game:

screenshot of Candy Castle boom cards

Find Candy Castle Artic decks here:
– Individual Decks > Link
– Bundle of all sounds > Link
– playTOK Boom CardsTM > Link

playTOK creates Boom CardsSM for tablet and telepractice use – fun, versatile, and no-prep!

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