Boom CardsTM are so easy to incorporate into your speech and language sessions! Since we have gone virtual during the Covid-19 closures, I have had to look for alternate ways to engage my kids during telepractice. In addition, when we resume in-centre speech and language sessions, I intend on using these games on a tablet — they’re easy to disinfect!

playTOK Garage Doors is available on Boom Learning. >>> Click Here

The playTOK Garage Doors set has 4 ways to play!

1) Garage 1 & 2– Put cars in the garages

2) Police Car – Assemble a police car

3) Taxi Cab – Assemble a taxi cab

4) Design-A-Car – Your choice, free play! (2 copies)


Turn-Taking -my turn / you turn, multiple players can take turns. Have a child close their eyes while you hide a car in the garage, then ask them to guess!

Language – Here are some starter ideas, but there’s so many more you can adapt the game to include!

  • labeling the different types of cards (e.g. sports car, police car, taxi)
  • describing colour concepts and appearance
  • prepositions
  • verbs – go / will go / going / went

Social Interaction – Talk about the cars and take turns thinking of your friends/family and the cars they would like. Take turns throughout various games.

Speech – Artic – Various speech targets

  • f sound – I found the __.
  • h sound -hide
  • k sound – car, seek (hide-and-see)
  • g sound – go (where did the car go?)
  • p sound – put
  • s – I see the ___.

Speech – Motor Speech – coming soon

Stuttering – Practice easy onset while requesting or directing the sticker play.

To find playTOK Garage Doors, please check out the playTOK store on Boom Learning. >>> Click Here

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