I have to admit, unicorns have become such a big “thing” that kids nowadays may even been learning the word “unicorn” before “horse”! YEP! I showed one of my kids in clinic a picture of a farm with a horse, to which he pointed and exclaimed “A Unicorn!”.

Well, who doesn’t love these majestic and mythical creatures? So, I decided to make an online game just to celebrate the beautiful creatures. With Boom Cards, I can share and assign my cards. I have also been loving how easy it is for me to find what decks I need during telepractice!

This playTOK Unicorns set has 6 activities:

1) About My Unicorn – Describe your unicorn.

  • Use this activity to share ideas and conversation, while brainstorming what your very own unicorn would be like!

2) My Unicorn – Design your own unicorn.

  • Concepts: on/off, colours, same/different colours, rainbow
  • Key words: unicorn, horn, hair, mane, tail, hoove/feet
  • Motor speech: rainbow, more, more o

3) Unicorn Face – Give your unicorn a face!

  • Language: on/off, same/different, happy/sad
  • Phrases: Put it on / Take it off

4) Feed the Unicorn – Feed her some doughnuts!

  • Language: Let’s feed the unicorn, multiple step directions
  • Concepts: hungry/full, more
  • Phrases: Eat, Eat more!, More doughnuts!
  • Motor speech: call the doughnuts “O”s

5) Unicorn Castle – Free play sticker scene.

  • Turn-taking: Take turns putting birds, unicorns, stars, rainbows and gems into the castle in the sky
  • Language: Describe the beautiful scene

6) Find the Unicorn – Find gems and a unicorn in the castles! Kids have a blast searching and looking for the gems and the unicorn.

  • Requesting: Open the __ door.
  • Speech: “I found ___”
  • Motor speech: “Open Door”

What are some other things we could target with my Unicorns playTOK set on Boom Learning?