I am thankful for all the facebook SLPs who helped me pick names for girl Pirates! I also received many amazing suggestions for other games to make. 🙂 Meet Pirate Pete, Penny, Pat and … a 4th undecided pirate!

Thumbnails of Don't Pop Pete! and Don't Pop Penny! speech therapy games Up Pirate


Thank you to everyone who helped, and congrats to the 3 winners who get all four classic games!

I miss all my classic games, and am using these on telepractice through Zoom.

Some target ideas for Don’t Pop Pete! & Don’t Pop Penny!?I use them as quick reinforcers between testing, or with my hard copy artic cards, or lesson pix words online. 🙂

Concepts: In/Out,

Questions: Wh- questions (where is the parrot?)

Motor Speech: Pop, Pete, Pat, Penny,

Language:Descriptive language in Don’t Pop Penny! in the sticker Scene

Social Interaction: I will use the pop game as well as the hiding barrels game to help get kids’ attention. I will get them to close their eyes when I re-hide the parrot!

Send home: I have a coloring page in Don’t Pop Penny and also assign the Boom Decks to families sometimes (but I also try to keep the games “fresh” so that they stay motivated in therapy).

For everyone who has played playTOK Don’t Pop Pete!, let me know how it went! What goals do you target?

And, check out my next post about…Candyland Castle!

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