Since making my playTOK Feelings and playTOK Let’s Pretend interactive games, I really wanted to use characters for other topics. I find it really useful for targeting various topics (e.g. pronouns, sequencing. See bottom of post for target ideas). This board is also free, and always will be in my Boom Learning store! The kids love it!

Many of my speech and language kids have requested “Put the mask on his eyes!” while laughing hysterically. It also opens up great conversation as to why we shouldn’t wear masks over our eyes or hang

ing below our chin!!!

I am really loving using these tools through telepractice. I actually find I have more control over the pace and the activities. I haven’t had to worry about little hands trying to change how the game is being played!!! I do get more requests and language because they’re now trying to tell me what to do!

We talk about face masks. Kids like to pick which character they’re going to be!

We go through a sequence of washing hands. I even added in an animation for “scrubbing” where you can sing the ABCs or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with the animation to practice handwashing. See the yucky coronavirus on our hands?

playTOK covid boom cards

playTOK Clean Hands + Face Masks Boom Cards

We talk about sanitizing too!

And, not all the image are here, but we summarize the list of healthy practices at the end!

Some suggested targets, can you think of more?

Assessment: I like to share the pictures and get informal speech and language samples from kids. I know we’ve all been talking about washing our hands, wearing face masks and social distancing!

Artic & Motor Speech: “more”, “wash”

Language:  Sequencing first/next/last, concepts on/off

Social Interaction: eye contact and joint attention, have child request before moving to the next page

Play: Incorporate your own character voices and have fun doing the motions with the pictures.

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