Kids love cars!!! Along with my Construction City scene, I wanted to make a letter play set with a vehicles theme. It’s great to use cute letters to practice letter recognition. I always make playTOK tools with “sharing” in mind — they are meant to be played together by an adult and child. Because sharing is what helps us learn! There’s also free play where you can build your own words and practice spelling! Use the large poster to practice finding or naming letters! Although these are individual letters, I will work on some sound-letter pages in the future! Currently, you can use the free play mode to incorporate sound-letter phonological awareness.

Use the large-sized alphabets to practice naming again, or you can trace the letters (no actual animations, parent assistance is required).

There’s even a fun activity where chidren can find a vehicle word and practice typing from a keyboard!

Drag letters and numbers into a free play section.

If you’re working on letter recognition and sound-letter correspondence, your child might also need to work on building letters. This is a simple and easy way to practice!

The above board called “playTOK ABC Vehicles”, “Building ABCs” and other free or low cost Boom Cards can be found here: playTOK Boom Learning store.

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