It’s that time of year again – September! But this is the first year in history where parents around the globe must decide between mass cohorts of in-class or remote learning! Regardless of where you are, here are some ideas for your first day back.

Top 3 Free playTOK tools for your first sessions back to school.

  1. About Me & More
  2. Clean Hands & Face Masks
  3.  First / Then, Token Economy & Sticker Boards

#1 – About Me & More

First days back are full of introductions and get-t0-know-yous. Check out playTOK About Me & More free back-to-school conversation and/or writing prompt. Use this set either through telepractice (e.g. sharing via Zoom or Google Meet), through in-centre as a conversational guide (e.g., tablet) or with a student on a computer as an independent writing prompt (e.g. home laptop, school computer).

In this Boom Cards set, the questions are appropriate for both individual or group conversation and include topics such as About Me, My Summer, My School and My Dreams. Adapt the boom learning set by skipping pages if you are in a group! During individual entry, the stickers are also movable and repositionable.

back to school boom card screenshot

playTOK Back To School Freebie

Sample page from the ‘My Summer’ section. Older students can choose to type in the boxes!

About Me sample entry

free playTOK Back To School

#2 – Clean Hands & Face Masks

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Clean Hands + Face Masks, the start of the school year is a great opportunity to do so! The characters learn about washing their hands, sanitizing their hands, social distancing through step-by-step animated fun.

In addition to being a great conversation starter about Covid-19, it’s a great way to target:

  • vocabulary (e.g. Coronavirus, Covid-19, germs, sick, social distancing, mask, sanitize, etc.)
  • pronouns (e.g., he, she, they)
  • speech (e.g., on/off, wash, put, face)
  • verb tenses (e.g., She will put on her mask / She is putting on her mask / She put on her mask)

Graphics are animated and written from a first person perspective

playTOK covid boom cards

playTOK Clean Hands + Face Masks Boom Cards

Students can practice either handwashing or sanitizing.

Help different students select from a variety of masks.

#3 – First / Then Boards, Token Economy, & Updated Stickers

We know many of you love the simplicity of the first/then boards and token economy boards. A new feature added for Sept is the “Sticker Book” section. Stickers will rotate and change, with seasonal surprises! Check out the “Back To School” stickers available this month!

playTOK First Then thumbnail

playTOK First / Then, Token Economy & Stickers

There are multiple options for first/then and token economy. In addition, there are 5 sticker book sets with seasonal and rotating sticker items. Check out our current Back To School, Unicorns, Don’t Pop Pete! stickers and more!  Example of 3 step first/then board.

Example of boom cards first then board.

Example of 10 item token economy board.

Example of new BONUS! Sticker books set.

With these free, easy-to-disinfect tools, we hope everyone stays safe during any in-school or remote back to school sessions!

Find all the above boards in our playTOK Boom Learning store here > Click Here.

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