Think of these as wind-up-toys and simple, quick reinforcers for speech therapy — but online! I really needed some short breaks for the kids, which were fun, motivating, and easy-to-use. In addition, these games work well via telepractice, in-centre on a tablet, and even in a kindergarten classroom on a whiteboard!


Animated telepractice toys with “go”, “slow/fast” and “stop” buttons. I use these like I used to use my wind-up toys and wooden car tracks.

Monster Dance! is a repetitive book where different monsters stop/go and dance, and later single and groups of monsters dance!

playTOK Monsters Dance game

playTOK Monsters Dance

I also have many hide-and-seek themed games, which kids love! Check out the following games!

  • Garage Doors – cars in garages
  • Monster House
  • Don’t Pop Pete! “Hide the Parrot”
  • Don’t Pop Frankenpete! “Boo in a Barrel”
  • Don’t Pop Penny!
  • My Puppy- dog hides behind bushes
  • “Unicorns!” Hide unicorns and gems in castles

Here are the games!

Garage doors – Not only for hide-and-seek, you get to design your dream car too!

Monsters match doors, hide behind portals, and go upstairs and downstiars in a house.

You can adopt your own puppy, pick a house, and also put the puppy in the house, use the dogs at the park language scene and also hide puppies behind a bush!

Don’t Pop Pete is like Pop Up Pirate. If you like this classic, look for expanded sets like Don’t Pop Penny and Don’t Pop Frankenpete!

pirate popping out of barrel

playTOK version of Pop Up Pirate

playtok Don't Pop Frankenpete!

playtok Don’t Pop Frankenpete!

In Unicorns! you get to adopt your own unicorn, design him/her, put stickers on a magic castle scene, and also look for her and gems behind castles!



What other games do you miss? I’m designing many more, but would love to hear ideas!

Find them all on playTOK Boom Learning Store