When my daughter was in kindergarten, she loved the Thanksgiving poem “A Turkey Is a Funny Bird”. To be honest, we all loved reciting it! I simply had to make a digital wind-up turkey to go along with the poem! This turkey can also be found in the next Wordless Play Book by playTOK.


In order to come up with a way to make cards interactive, repetitive and multi-purpose, I’ve included books and activities into playTOK Wordless Play Books on Boom LearningSM. In this 2-book combo, there are multiple key words and phrases that can be adapted throughout the book!

Also, check out our Halloween Bundle or purchase the following separately! There is something to interest every preschool or elementary child!

One of the games in the Halloween bundle is “Tic Tac Toe, Connect 4, and Jar O’ Eyeballs”. You can play it with 1, 2 or 4 players groups. It is meant to be a quick reinforcer between activities. You could pretend you’re making a magic potion and say “magic artic words” before choosing eyeballs! This game is a version of “Tic Tac Toe + Connect 4 Donuts”.

Monsters Dance! was released earlier and includes a STOP/GO button for vampires, skeletons, ghosts, mummies or Frankenstein monster(s) that dance! This is a great activity for future/present/past tense, as well as singular and plural action phrases (e.g. “The ghost is dancing., The ghosts are dancing.”).

playTOK Monsters Dance game

playTOK Monsters Dance

Don’t Pop Frankenpete! is a version of Don’t Pop Pete, where you help the pirate out of the barrel by removing swords. Be very careful, because you might make him pop! There is a bonus game where you can hide “Boo” the ghost in a barrel over and over.

playtok Don't Pop Frankenpete!

playtok Don’t Pop Frankenpete!

This interactive spotlight game has you luminating a character, setting, problem, action and resolution/ feelings. After you select the story components, return to the first slide to retell the story from the beginning!

playTOK Story Spotlight - Halloween Boom Cards

playTOK Story Spotlight – Halloween

In “Witch’s Pot”, you can either select sounds and put them in the pot, or list to the pot’s request and drag the correct sound in. This set focuses on consonants.

playTOK Witch's Pot Boom Cards

playTOK Witch’s Pot

In Design A Superhero, your child can pick and choose different components to make a male or female superhero. After, describe your hero and their attributes. Additionally, use the Superhero Emblem games to practice identifying upper or lower case letters (the clinician types it in on a keyboard), or you can use the 3 Emblems to type in short CVC words.

playTOK thumbnail for boom card game

playTOK Design A Superhero

The “Let’s Pretend” activity includes a group of children who pretend and use different face masks. You can help the children select masks individually or in groups of 3. This activity is great for he/she/they and also guessing descriptive features (e.g. “Can you give the girl with long curly hair the mask that has pointy ears and begins with the “C” sound?”. There is also a “Guess Who” style game included.

All materials can be found on Boom LearningTM, limited materials are available on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you would like this game on TPT but do not see it, please email me at info@playtok.com

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