Most of the Boom CardsTM that I make are silly, entertaining, and good ‘ol fun! I run with my ideas, and often incorporate goals that I need to target.

In the case of the “Feelings” , “Mr. Pumpkin + Friends”, and “Mr. Pineapple + Friends”, I had a lot of fun with facial expressions.

Here are 3 games that are great for learning how to detect emotions.

  1. Feelings (Boy and Girl build-a-face)
  2. Mr. Pumpkin + Friends (With Syllable Tool and Guessing Game)
  3. Mr. Pineapple + Friends (With Syllable Tool and Expanding Descriptions Tool)

#1 – Feelings

Feelings by playTOK includes simple boy and girl illustrations. There are posters with all the feelings, a quiz with self-checking flaps to identify feelings,0 a build-a-feeling face where you can mix and match different facial parts, and finally some questions in ‘Let’s Talk About Feelings’ to open conversation.



Use the Menu to move quickly between sections. Remember there are boy and girl versions of all areas. You can use this to practice “he/she” or “his/her”.

In the posters, you can compare the similarities and differences of facial expressions. Specifically, I like to talk about how the eyes look, where the eyebrows are, and the corners of the mouth!

Next, all the included feelings in the poster are in large format with revealing flaps. You can discuss how the girl feels, perhaps what made her feel that way, and then check the flap to see if your answer is correct.

In Build-A-Feeling Face, you can mix and match eyes and mouths to change the girl (or boy’s) expression. You can also try to mirror the emotion and make it with your own face too!

Guided questions to discuss each feeling. A clinician, teacher or child can use the typing box if desired.  

Have fun with boy and girl Feelings by playTOK! Find it in our Boom LearningTM store.

#2 – Mr. Pumpkin + Friends

Mr. Pumpkin + Friends by playTOK is a cute game that allows you to add faces and emotions to various produce. After you complete their faces, you can match words to pictures, determine syllables with a Syllable Tool, type simple thoughts into the comic bubbles, and play the guessing description game!

Mr. Pumpkin + Friends

Mr. Pumpkin + Friends

Navigate quickly through games using the playTOK menu.

Have lots of fun building Mr. Pumpkin’s face! In addition to a pumpkin, there’s also a chance to add faces and sunglasses to broccoli, potato, onion, cauliflower, pepper, and tomato.

Use the Syllable Tool to help determine how many syllable pumpkin has. You can also talk about the initial and final sounds in the word.

After you guess, lift the “Reveal Answer” to show you the correct number (e.g., in this case, a red and orange dot to indicate 2 syllables).

Match words to the correct pictures.

And more games not shown here! Find Mr. Pumpkin + Friends in our Boom Learning TM store.

#3 Mr. Pineapple + Friends

In Mr. Pineapple + Friends by playTOK, you can have the same fun as Mr. Pumpkin + Friends, but with fruits, and slightly different activities.

It includes the build-a-face with a variety of normal and tropical fruits, a word matching game, Syllable Tool, Description Tool and comic bubbles for free typing.

Mr. Pineapple + Friends

Mr. Pineapple + Friends

Navigate easily with the menu.

Build silly faces with a variety of fruits including: pineapple, orange, apple, banana, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, cherry, grapes, mango, dragonfruit, and durian!

Match the pictures and the words.

Use the syllable tool to guess and reveal how many syllables are in a word.

Use the Description Tool to expand vocabulary and language.

Come up with your own game in this Free Play comic bubble section. For example, you could ask them to type the first letter of each word, the full word, or type out what the banana feels or might say!

You can find Mr. Pineapple and Friend in our Boom Learning TM store!

Whatever game you pick, have lots of fun with interactive playTOK games that you can use over and over!

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