We love books about puppies, dogs and all pets! I incorporate books with dogs very easily into sessions because many children relate to this topic. Many children have a pet at home (often a dog), and it brings them a lot of joy!

Some of my favourite books to read during sessions include:

  1. Dog’s Colorful Day
  2. Harry The Dirty Dog
  3. Put Me in the Zoo
  4. Big Dog Little Dog
  5. The Ugliest Dog In The World

In the cute book Harry the Dirty Dog (Harry the Dog)  by Gene Zion, you follow a “white dog with black spots”, who, through his many adventures, gets all muddy and turns into a “black dog with white spots”! The lovely illustrations and cute story lend itself easily to story retell and pretend play.

After reading Gene Zion’s book, you can use the Boom LearningTM play set by playTOK called “Muddy Dog”. In this set, you have multiple games such as: a quick story recap page, opportunities to make the dog get “mucky and muddy”, give the dog a bath and put him to bed! In addition to the main dog, you can put “muck” or “mud” on all sorts of dogs to make them “Muddy”.

This is an excellent, repetitive activity that can be used for speech and language targets such as: requesting, speech / motor speech goals, and syntax.

Another cute dog book that I love is “Dog’s Colorful Day:A Messy Story About Colors and Counting by Emma Dodd. Just like Harry the Dirty Dog (Harry the Dog)  , the main character, Dog, is also curious and goes out around the town. On his way, he ends up getting all mucked up by a rainbow of sorts! Finally, he comes home and they give him a bath!

Dog’s Colorful Day:A Messy Story About Colors and Counting  is super cute and super fun! The illustrations are bright, inviting and cheerful. To retell the story, you can use elements from playTOK’s board “Dot the Dog”. Children love remembering which colour went with which item (e.g., green grass, red jam). This play set includes a white dog, various coloured dots to retell the story, and an assortment of other dogs that also get colorful spots!

icon for playtok boom cards Dot the Dog, a book companion for Dog's Colorful Day

If you are looking for other digital toys to supplement your telepractice or in-centre tablet use, you can also try playing “My Puppy” by playTOK. In this game, you get to adopt a puppy. After you name and describe him/her, you choose your puppy and bring them home! There are additional play scenes where you can have fun with your puppy too!

playtok My Puppy

playtok My Puppy

And, for those of you who are back in-person or at home, I absolutely adore this little Amazon play set called “My Little Sandbox – Doggie Day Camp Play Set”. Isn’t it cute?

My Little Sandbox – Doggie Day Camp Play Set

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