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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, there’s a lot of language learning opportunity in our fall conversations! From talking about farms, turkeys, Thanksgiving food and even talking about our preferences and feelings, there’s something for everyone to relate and connect to!

This November, I created several play sets. Each playTOK set always comes with multiple activities and options for open-ended play or customization. I specifically designed the Thanksgiving sets with multiple elements to target following directions, pronouns, prepositions and language expansion.

Top 5 playTOK Boom Cards sets: (NOTE: These are all available in the Thanksgiving Big Bundle)

(This bundle was updated on Nov 20, 2020. All bundle owners now have the following SIX sets!)

  1. Dinner Tables: Thanksgiving (Free Play, Receptive Language, Social Thinking)
  2. Thanksgiving Foods (Vocab, Expanding Language)
  3. Being Thankful – (Pronouns and Prepositions / Following Directions)
  4. Funny Turkey – Digital wind-up toy, allows for “Stop” and “Go”
  5. Where’s Kitty? Where’s Turkey? – 2 wordless play books and play set (use for language, artic, repetitive books for motor speech C1V1C2V2 or lingual control)
  6. Updated BONUS! Thanksgiving Syllables

#1 Dinner Tables – Thanksgiving The first board is really a play set, as if you had a miniature table, characters and food items. Think Polly Pocket!

4-in-1 Dinner Tables: Thanksgiving (Free play, receptive language, social thinking)

(This set is also available in the Thanksgiving Big Bundle) playTOK boards are open-ended and useful during speech therapy, home practice, and as token reward boards. In this 4-in-1 Dinner Tables: Thanksgiving set, there are multiple activities: 1) Family tables (x4) – Characters, food items and open-ended play with 4 different families 2) Make your own (big group tables x4) – Larger group x4 3) Thought Bubbles – Use this for following directions, inferencing 4) Narrative Tool – Use the blank narrative tool, read 3 short stories and identify story elements, or fill in the 4th blank page via typing.
Click for Dinner Tables - Thanksgiving

Click for Dinner Tables – Thanksgiving

#2 Thanksgiving Foods – The next board allows for expanding on vocabulary and descriptions for themed Thanksgiving food items. Using comparisons, debating and voting is a great way to enrich and expand languages. What better a debate than the one about pumpkin versus apple pie? Well, pumpkin is only available in the fall, but apple is available all the time!

5-in-1 Thanksgiving Foods (Vocab + Expanding Language) includes:
1) Word + Picture Match – Match pictures to words
2) Let’s Describe Tool
3) Categories – Sort the foods according to main dish, side dish, dessert or drink
4) Similarities / Differences + Similarities/Differences Game Board- Play a grid game where you have to pick two cards and discuss similarities or differences
5) Voting & Customizable Voting Tool : Groups of 2-30 can cast their votes for the foods they like. Tally it up after!

Click for Thanksgiving Foods

Click for Thanksgiving Foods

#3 – Being Thankful – In this set, you can use the interactive materials to target pronouns, sentence structures or even prepositions and following directions with the “hanging photos” game!

4-in-1 Being Thankful (Pronouns and Prepositions / Following Directions) playTOK set includes multiple activities:
1) Sentence Tool – Visual sentence helper tool
2) He, She, They sentences – Sentence tool. Drag and drop to fill in the sentence, then point and construct your sentence!
3) I, You, We prompts (with typing options) – Prompt for oral language and social thinking
4) Picture Frames – Hang picture frames in a grid on the wall. For receptive language, prepositions, multi-step, etc.

Click for Being Thankful

Click for Being Thankful

#4 – Funny Turkey is a quick and easy reinforcer. Basically, a digital wind-up toy!

Funny Turkey (Wind-Up + Poem)

 (If you like this animated windup, look for: “Monsters Dance!” halloween fun, or our “Toy Bundle – planes, trains, and cars”) In playTOK “Funnyt Turkey”, there is a poster of a classic poem “A Turkey Is a Funny Bird”, as well as a wind-up toy where you can make the turkey wobble, eat or flap! Suggested Targets: Requesting, artic, motor speech, vocab, language Key words: go, stop, eat/peck, wobble/move, flap, wait, turkey, hat, on/off, funny, silly
Click for Funny Turkey

Click for Funny Turkey

#5 – Where’s Turkey? Where’s Kitty? is a set of 2 wordless picture books that are great for eliciting requests, early vocabulary, and more. Use the hide-and-seek barns, preposition horse and barn for open-ended play!

(6-in-1) 2 Books: Where’s Turkey? Where’s Kitty? – Wordless play books + activities

In “Where’s Turkey?” and “Where’s Kitty?” you get 2 repetitive books that provide multiple open-ended targets for speech and/or language. As the books are wordless, easily adapt the script to fit your speech goals. This book includes other play sets such as: – Hide and Seek Haystacks (for animal labels) – Animal Prepositions (put chicks in/on/under/front/behind) -Hide and Seek Barn (for C1V1C2V2 animals, or big/little) -Barn Prepositions (for in/out, front, beside, on top, under) Language goals: sentences, animal vocab, prepositions, wh- ? Speech: lingual control Emergent literacy goals: multisyllabic awareness, print awareness Key words/phrases; turkey, kitty, in/out, on/under in front/behind, where is ___? , that’s not ___!, no ___, etc.
Click for Where's Turkey? Where's Kitty?

Click for Where’s Turkey? Where’s Kitty?

6. BONUS! Thanksgiving Syllables

4-in-1 Thanksgiving Syllables includes 4 different types of activities such as:

1) Syllables and Sounds – With each Thanksgiving food picture, there is also a word. With the visual syllable tool, determine how many syllables are in the word. Then, uncover the digital flap to see if you are correct!

2) Sorting Number of Syllables – Clap out the syllables then drag the item to the correct box.

3) Sound It Out – Sound out the words. After you read it, lift the digital flap to reveal the picture of the item.

4) Type It Out – Use your keyboard to type in the first letter of a word, the item word, or use the item in a sentence. In this case, all items are Thanksgiving foods.

Did you know you can find all of these great Boom cards in the “THANKSGIVING BIG BUNDLE” by playTOK?

Click for Thanksgiving Big Bundle icon for boom cards

Click for Thanksgiving Big Bundle icon for boom cards

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ALL NEW! playTOK Google Catalog

ALL NEW! playTOK Google Catalog

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