General Speech and Language Suggestions During Clean-Up and a Digital Activity by playTOK: Toy Box (Boom CardsSM).

I like to incorporate everyday routines into the digital activities during speech and language therapy. By using relatable, familiar activities, we can gauge a child’s current vocabulary and sentence use. Or, we can use it to explore their auditory and receptive language skills. One of the most common and relatable activities is “cleaning up”. By coaching parents to involve their children actively in taking out the toys AND putting away the toys, we offer them multiple opportunities to model  vocabulary and highlight any necessary speech sounds. In fact, many of the words we are modeling are highly important to children — it’s what they are interested in! As a side note, it’s also important to remember to curate the toy box and rotate among different toys/activities included.

HOME Clean-Up Suggestions:

  1. Make it a game by including fun sounds or “slam dunks” to put away toys.
  2. Model and repeat vocabulary instead. Avoid putting your child on the spot and pressuring them to copy your words. If you say the word and use an expectant pause, they may naturally imitate you over time.
  3. Highlight and emphasize key speech sounds, face-to-face if possible. Follow recommendations by your speech-language pathologist.
  4. Stretch out key words and emphasize the syllables. Alternatively, clap out the syllables (e.g. train, te-ddy-bear, sail-boat)
  5. Give choices (e.g., Do you want to put away the boat or the bear?).
  6. Increase the information-carrying words (e.g., Put the big/little bear away, put the red/blue train away)
  7. Increase the steps (e.g. First, put the ball away, then the boat)

As for real world practice, it is much better to have a family gather the toys they have and practice with real toys and real toy boxes, laundry baskets or hampers.

DIGITAL Activity for Speech and Language:

During speech and language therapy, we need tools that mimic real life but are quick and easy.

Toy Box is a digital no-prep activity that can be used during telepractice, in-centre on a tablet, or projected with a smartboard. playTOK creates various Boom CardsSM that are open-ended for use during speech and language therapy.

You can check out the video demo:

This Toy Box set includes 4 different types of activities:

1) Single Toys

Various toys (1 top, 2 boats, 3 rocking horses, 4 trains, 5 blocks, 6 cars, 7 balls, 8 bears, 9 nutcrackers, 10 toys)

2) Mixed Toys – Different groups of toys to be cleaned up

3) Blocks – Stack the blocks (alphabet or plain)

4) Guessing Game – Can you guess which toy I’m describing?

TOY BOX Key Words and Phrases:

Key words: clean up, toys, put, away, in/out, on/off, above/below, in front, first/then/next/last, top, ball, boat, horse, train, car, blocks, bear, nutcracker

Key phrases: Clean up, Put the toy away, Put the ___ in/out/above/below/in front/behind , First ____ then ____


Audition -auditory memory, multisyllabic words, speech imitation

Expressive Language – Vocab, Sentence Structure (e.g., conjunction “and”)

Receptive Language – Receptive Vocab, Following multi-step directions with multiple information-carrying words

Social Language – Requesting, Taking Turns

Artic / Motor Speech – Carrier phrases such as “Put in”, “I see”, “Take out”

Fluency – Practice smooth speech while commenting or talking about toys.

Emergent Literacy – phonological awareness (initial/final sounds, syllables)

Toy Box by playTOK (Boom CardsSM)

You can find Toy Box by playTOK on Boom LearningSM > here.

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