I am going to talk about a new reinforcer board and an old set:

  1. Reinforcers – Toy Box
  2. First/Then, Token Reward, and Sticker Board (Free bundle).

I was so inspired by my Toy Box (Free Play, Following Directions) set, that I wanted to keep the theme in a Boom CardsSM set specific for reinforcers. Here is Reinforcers – Toy Box, which includes 10, 20, 50 or 100 trials.

boom cards Reinforcers - Toy Box

Reinforcers – Toy Box

Look for playTOK Reinforcers – Toy Box > Click Here

These reinforcers are great for:

  • Token Rewards
  • Speech reinforcers for multiple targets
  •  Numeracy and counting to 100

This game includes the same toy boxes and click boxes for bears, boats, cars, tops, trains, rocking horses, balls, nutcrackers and trains! Here is an example of a 10-toy clean up box. The toys actually go behind the front panel of the box — very realistic “in the box”.

Here is an idea of what 20-toys clean up looks like.

And finally, for 100 toys, you click the rows and the completed bears are circled. You can do 0-50 on one page, then move to 50-100 on the second page.

Also, remember to get our olide but goodie – always free BUNDLE:  First/Then Boards + Token Economy + Sticker Boards”.

This bundle includes: – The set with navigation, The set with hiding option, and a How-To Guide for playTOK Boom Cards.

Check them out in the playTOK store on Boom LearningSM!