If you love the original digital wind-up “Trains & Towns“, perhaps you like it even more now that I’ve added train sounds!

If you don’t want the sound, just don’t share computer sound and mute the web browser tab. Yes! That’s a thing – you CAN mute a browser tab (but you might need to download a plug-in).

Trains & Towns

Super excited to share with you playTOK’s Christmas Trains and Towns. Try to look for Santa’s sleigh on each page, as well as guest animals (bunny, deer, penguin, bird). Have fun encouraging kiddos to request “more”, “stop”, “new town”, or “play again”. Talk bout the sounds, the sights, and ask “Do you hear the train?”.

Trains & Towns Christmas

Here is a video demo of playTOK’s newest deck this Nov 2020, called “Trains and Towns – Christmas”.

Catch up with Santa in the final town! Can you hear his jolly “Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!”?

Okay, have lots of fun! Here are some links to the two digital train wind-ups.