This Hannukah Treats! playTOK series has many play options.

Have fun as you prepare special holiday treats challah, rugelach and sufganiyot.
1) Let’s Bake Challah and Rugelach! – Put them in the oven!
2) Let’s Fill The Sufganiyot! (6 or 12 item scenes) Let’s fill sufganiyot!
3) A Full Plate (1 or 2 plates) Place ready-made treats on the plate(s)!
4) Fill The Box For Friends Put ready-made treats in a box!
5) Happy Hannukah! Match the treats to their shadows!
Key words: in/out, treats, above/below, first/next/last, challah, safganiyot, rugelach, tasty, help, piping, jelly, chocolate, filling

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