After making the “Feed the Reindeer, Reindeer Poops!” game over the holiday, I found that kids loved the repetitive pattern of interactive books. I’ve enjoyed making these and added a few more Winter-themed Boom CardsSM sets.

In this first set, called “Feed the Snowman“, you meet a snowman that loves to eat and drink hot teas. He enjoys coal, carrots, candy canes, and ice/snow cubes. However, he melts when he drinks hot tea. As you move through the story, you come up with a solution with his dilemma! Included with the set are other additional activities such as build a snowman, a snow path game, or story retell activity.

This Feed The Snowman! activity set includes:

1) Feed The Snowman! Book – Feed the snowman, but don’t give him tea!

2) Build A Snowman – Assemble the various snowman parts.

3) Hot Drinks – Can you make a mug to drink?

4) Snow Path – Help the snowman across the path

5) Snow Faces + Feelings – What is the snowman feeling?

6) Story Retell Tool – Use the Storyline to help retell this story.

Check out the demo of Feed the Snowman here:

It is available in the playTOK store on Boom LearningSM >>> Click Here.

Feed the Snowman (Boom CardsSM by playTOK)

In this next game, boys and girls dance individually to “wind-up” and make snow fall. Later on, they dance as a large group and keep on dancing. It’s  cute little story where the children bring so much snow on with their dancing that the snow covers them up to their eyeballs! You can adapt this activity for speech, language, story retell activities and requesting.

Check out the demo of Let It Snow! Dance here:

It is available in the playTOK store on Boom LearningSM >>> Click Here.

Let It Snow! Dance


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