(updated to include Bubble POP! Ducks and Bubble POP! Alphabet)

We love bubbles. Bubbles all day, bubbles all night! In fact, I’ve been blowing bubbles to my webcam during telepractice…but they seem to keep floating “off camera”. To re-create the fun and magic of bubbles, I am now starting various series’ of “Bubble POP!”.

In this post, I will talk about the new game, Bubble POP! Ducks, and an oldie but goodie, Rubber Duckies!. The game plays are slightly different. I prefer to use Bubble POP! with younger kids and Rubber Duckies! with older kids.

Here’s the first of many (to come). In Bubble POP! Ducks, you get to pop a variety of ducks (e.g., big, small, various colours), then place them into a tub. The cute sound effects and ability to move various items makes this game easy to adapt to various goals!

Pair this activity with Zoom + give mouse control to your children for more fun (and receptive goals!).

Bubble POP! Ducks In A Tub

Bubble POP! Ducks

Check out the video demo:

Some targets I like to use with Bubble Pop! Ducks:

  • Requesting
  • Concepts: colours, big/little, location, sequence first/next/last
  • Speech – bilabial /b/ and /p/: some key speech words include bubble, pop, more, duck, in/out, tub, colours, big/little
  • Expressive Language  – Verb tenses: “I will pop”, “I am popping”, “It popped”
  • Receptive Language: Have them follow directions (e.g., Put the duck in the tub,  Pop the small green duck. Pop the red duck that is above the purple duck”, etc.)
  • Turn-Taking: My turn, your turn.

(Updated Jan 27, 2021)

I had so much fun with Bubble POP! Ducks, that I added “Bubble POP! Alphabet” as well as “Balloon POP!”

Hooray for Balloons! The noise can be a little surprising, but you have the option to mute or turn off the sound from Boom Learning’s platform or your browser tab.

If you love bubbles, stay tunedas we add more decks like this.

Or, look for the oldie but goodie version of Lucky Ducks called “Rubber Duckies!“. The graphics are similar but the game play involves finding your coloured stars under various lucky ducks!

Demo video of Rubber Duckies!

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