Here’s a new POP! game, “Balloon POP! (Counting + Reinforcer”.

This Balloon POP! Counting game includes:

1) Counting POP (0 to 10) – Yellow, red and blue balloons

2) Number Tiles – Manipulatives for 0 – 10

3) 3 Trials – 3 balloons per page, single colours then multicolour

3) 5 Trials – 5 balloons per page, single colours then multicolour

4) 10 Trials – 10 balloons per page, single colours then multicolour

Be careful, this game has a balloon bursting sound. Avoid sharing sound if you feel it might be too scary for some of your kids. However, I have included it as an option because it is often the “pop” which makes it fun for older kids!

I include activities and games to simulate ‘real life fun’, with versatile and open-ended capabilities.
This is also so that I can choose to change and adapt the games for a variety of purposes, such as:

  1. Requesting – more, go, pop the balloon, pop one/two, pop more, again
  2. Concepts – numeracy, colours, more/less, etc.
  3. Motor Speech – pop, uh oh, how many?, one/two balloon, more balloons, oops, pop it, blue/red/yelllow balloon, needle, move, etc.

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Such a cute and versatile game! I hope you enjoy it!

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