Since Feb 2, 2021 is Groundhog Day, I began thinking about how I could make a game similar to whack-a-mole but include various speech and language goals. I couldn’t stop after the game, and I ended up adding many mini scenes with movable manipulatives to target prepositions (and some concepts).

I think I’m going to have to keep continuing this Groundhog theme, there are just so many possitbilities with the animations, the pop-up holes, cages, and even exploding bombs! P.S. I made the explosion noise a bit quieter and more subdued so that it’s not as scary as the original sound was in Don’t Pop Pete!

Here we go, you’ll find the BUNDLE: BOP! Groundhogs in the playTOK store on Boom LearningSM.

This bundle includes the following decks:
-BOP! Groundhog Day (Game + Prepositions) – This includes the original game with bopping groundhog fun, as well as various mini activities targeting +++ prepositions and other concepts.
-BOP! Groundhog Day (Bonus Game) – This game includes expanded characters for additional play

-Groundhog Letters + Sounds

-Groundhog Alphabets

This game includes the original BOP! Groundhogs game and also various mini scenes for targeting prepositions.

This BONUS set includes Groundhogs in disguises that pop up!

Work on phonological awareness and sound + letter correspondence with Groundhogs Letters + Sounds.

-Groundhog Alphabets

To find this BOP! Groundhogs bundle (Original game + prepositions, Bonus Game and Groundhog Letters + Sounds), visit the playTOK store >>> HERE.

For just the Groundhogs Letters + Sounds purchase >>> HERE.

For more info or demos visit >>> HERE.