Being nit-picky as I am, I’m bound to come across little details or Boom Decks that aren’t quite up to par. I really recall “Garage Doors” being one of my favourites. But, alas, it is overdue for an update.

Luckily, anyone who already owns the game gets all updates forever! Yes, forever! I’m really quite happy that Boom CardsSM work that way. This means I can fix any errors, typos, and make additions to games when I think of new ideas!

Garage doors was one of the earliest Boom Cards sets I made, along with the Monster House series. I continue to pick up new ideas, tools, and techniques to improve my activities. However, one thing still remains – I make activities that will be flexible and suitable for a variety of goals.

It’s much easier for me to go by theme and adapt the words, phrases, and playability according to the child’s attention, motivation and speech-language needs. I generally use my activities as I would use toys in a session. The toys don’t come with the words and phrases — that’s where my magic as a clinician comes in!

I think you’ll enjoy the new activities. I found the old version of Garage Doors very motivating but lacking a bit in vocabulary, language. I also really wanted to incorporate the words “move” and “wheels” more as, they are such fabulous motor speech targets.

The old “Garage Doors” activities already included:

  • Garage 1- 3 garage scene with open/close doors for hiding the police car, white or red car
  • Garage 2 – 3 garage scene with open/close doors for hiding the taxi, green or purple car
  • Design a Police Car or Taxi
  • Build your own Car

I’ve added two new sections to “Garage Doors”.

  • Newly Added: Clean The Garage – Two scenes with various garage items for you to put inside.
  • Newly Added: Stack O’Wheels – You have to stack the wheels nicely. Watch out, they might crash and fall!

What do you think? Stay tuned as I add updates. In fact, I’m creating a facebook group to do beta-testing, run polls and get your insight and feedback! I don’t really know what everybody uses or likes, so I’m purely going by what I personally use and would love to create!

If you’d like to join me, come check out the playTOK Play-Based Group and help me test out some activities! Facebook Group

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