zzMy son snuck into his sister’s room and stole her gluestick. Then, he managed to steal some googly eyes and a piece of blank paper. He sat down on the carpet, glued the eyes to the page and then proudly presented it to me saying, “Look!. He was giggling and giggling the more he shook the page.

Googly eyes do make us happy! 🙂

So, that’s my inspiration for “BEE Mine! Googly Eyes” and “BEE Feelings – Googly Eyes”. As usual, I can’t decide which activities to include, and I often end up building a whole bunch of activities in each set! I hope you enjoy these Boom CardsSM! This is a cute, repetitive book and build-a-face activity.

This Googly Eyes – Bee Mine! game set includes:
1) Will you BEE mine? Story – Poster with different feelings
2) Make-A-Face – Love Bees – Make silly-in-lovebee faces
3) “Eyes On” – Love Bug – Repetitive scenes
4) “Mouth On” Love Bug – Repetitive scenes
5) Free Play
6) Type your own Valentine

This Googly Eyes Bee Feelings set allows you to make funny bee feeling faces!

This Googly Eyes – Feelings game set includes:
1) Types of Feelings – Poster with different feelings
2) Guess The Feeling
3) Make A Face (Static Eyes) – Happy, sad, mad and more face!
4) Make-A-Face “All Googly Googly”- Make faces with moving eyes.
5) Free Play – Build a whole bee with body parts and googly eyes.
6) Listing Out Feelings – Brainstorm and type feeling words out.

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