Adapt this activity to a variety of speech and language goals! I like to use it to target themed vocabulary, syllables, receptive language and key speech targets or phrases. Currently, I’ve made two magic mirrors. It’s been very helpful to engage and amaze the little ones during repetitive speech practice!

Some of my favourite goals for:

  • Magic Mirror – Valentine’s Day -variety of words, many with /k/, medial /d/
  • Magic Mirror – St. Patrick’s Day – variety of words, pronouns, vocabulary set also includes many CVC (e.g. pot, pipe, boot, hat), and

By adding a touch of magic, we can keep kids engaged and interacting. Try waving the wand around while you say “Abracadabra!” and not letting go until the child says their “magic word”!

Here’s Valentine’s Day – Magic Mirror!

Check out St. Patrick’s Day – Magic Mirror!

Check out the Halloween Magic Mirror!

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