My top tricks for St. Patrick’s Day and a set of St. Patrick’s Boom Cards!

Top In-Centre Activities

  1. Use construction paper and cut out 3 or 4-leaf clovers > I like to use this art base to glue on various speech or language targets. By the time the session is over, the children can bring their words home and practice.
  2. Gold Coin Scavenger Hunt > This is always a great movement / token economy activity to get kids engaged in sessions.
  3. Action Words > There are many action words related to leprechauns: hop, jump, dance, sing, kick (heels), hide, peek, etc.

Top Speech / Language Ideas

  1. My Leprechaun – Come up with a name of a Leprechaun and discuss the characteristics this Leprechaun might have
  2. Narrative Formulation – Create a short story about leprechauns. Include characters, setting, a problem, action, resolution and feelings.

I find that children love searching for little green leprechauns, playing make-believe, and pretending to find that lucky pot of gold! From the therapy room to the end of the rainbow, there are various activities that help keep St. Patrick’s Day sessions fun and lively! In both the Don’t Pop Lucky editions, you will get the Don’t Pop Lucky! game. Can you find the hidden gold?

There are both girl and boy leprechauns in both games, but there are more opportunities to practice he/she/they in the Reinforcer edition. The Articulation edition includes all speech sound cards.

Don’t know which one you need? Make sure you keep scrolling down to check out the video demos!

Did you know that all Don’t Pop Pete! and other Don’t Pop Bundles include the Reinforcer edition for free? If you have purchased just the Don’t Pop Articulation game, look for bundles with the same name and upgrade it to get the Reinforcer edition for 0 pts!

In  this St. Patrick’s Day Bundle, you will get the Don’t Pop Lucky Articulation Game and Don’t Pop Lucky Reinforcer Game! Available here

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In addition to Don’t Pop Lucky! there are many other Don’t Pop games available!

Available as Artic or Reinforcer editions or as a bundle

Available in Articulation and Reinforcer editions or as a bundle

Thumbnails of Don't Pop Pete! and Don't Pop Penny! speech therapy games Up Pirate

Available as a reinforcer edition with sticker scene

playtok Don't Pop Frankenpete!

Available as a reinforcer edition with Boo hide and seek

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