After children learn their initial vocabulary for a variety of emotions and feelings, I find it helpful to provide mini narratives and scenarios for discussion. With Feelings Scenes (Boom CardSM by playTOK), there is a variety of characters, scenarios and feelings. Photo decks are engaging and realistic, making it easy for children to recognize what is happening.

Ideas when using Feelings Scenes photo decks:

Feelings – Identify feelings according to the facial expressions.

Inferencing – Use what you see in the photo to guess what happened.  Some pictures have groups of people, and we can determine if they feel the same or each have different feelings.

Pronouns – In addition to feelings, this set includes a variety of young, old, male and female characters which can also be incorporated into pronoun practice.

Present Progressive Sentences – A visual strip is included to help cue  “He/she is/are __ing”.

In-Person Practice:

  • Relate to the child and try to connect a time when they felt a certain way to a photo of a similar feeling.
  • Read a story and discuss any feelings in that story.
  • Predict how you might feel if a certain situation happened to you.

At-Home Practice:

  • Take photos or videos of different family members in different situations. Try to include various types of feelings and include the setting or objects to help paint the story.
  • Take time to discuss new vocabulary words relating to emotions and feelings. Try helping children connect and group similar types of feelings (e.g., “Mad is the same as angry”, “Annoyed and frustrated have a similar meaning”).
  • Take time to point out certain feelings around you — whether it be in real life situations, from books, or shows. Discuss what happened, why, and to who.

Speech + Language Practice:

  • Use playTOK Feelings Scenes Photo Set 1 to help elicit identification of feelings and conversation around emotions.

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This Verbs + Pronouns Photo Set 1 is a set of no-prep Boom CardsSM by playTOK. The bundle includes the digital internet-based manipulatives as well as a printable pdf word list. I’ve made this friendly for telepractice use, because I personally need the flexibility to move between online practice and in-centre tablet practice!

Check out this video demo of the set in action!

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