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Describe This: Christmas

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Have you ever played Secret Square? Well, I have always loved Secret Square, being versatile, quick and fun!

Now you can play this with Describe This: Christmas with themed vocabulary and no-prep quick play!

Hide and find the hidden star! Then, use this simple 4 x 4 grid to target various slp goals, such as:
– Christmas vocabulary
– Describing and expanding
– Creating sentences
– Similarities and Differences

– Phonological Awareness

This game can be played with:

Free Play – Come up with your own way to play

Describe & Expand – Hide a start before playing and describe cards

Similarities & Differences – Hide a star and discuss similiarities/differences
Phonological Awareness – Listen for sounds, syllables, or play your own way

Random Generator – Randomly select 2 images and compare

Check out the Video Demo:

playTOK creates Boom CardsSM for tablet and telepractice use – fun, versatile, and no-prep!


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