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Story Spotlights Big Bundle (7 Decks, 14 Games)

Wow! All the Story Spotlights have been now updated to include Roll A Story. What does that mean? Well, now all Story Spotlights can be played in 2 ways:

– Story Spotlight Play > Use the various Character, Setting, Problem, Object/Action and Resolution boards with the various spotlights to select your characters. After you have selected, return to the first page and retell your story with more fluency the second time around!

– Roll A Story > Use a random generator to choose character, setting, and objects. You then must use the items to create a story.

For those of you who already have Story Spotlights, I have put them all together in a BIG Bundle.

– Fairy Tale 1
– Fairy Tale 2
– Pirate Adventures
– Winter Fun
– Christmas Tale
– Halloween 1
– Halloween 2

Excellent for:
– Themed vocabulary
– Story Component education (Character, Setting, Problem, Action, Resolution)
– Narrative formation
– Conversation

Check out the video demos of 4 out of 7 in the set: Story Spotlights Big Bundle (7 Decks, 14 Games)

Story Spotlights – Winter Fun

Story Spotlights – Fairy Tale 1

Story Spotlights – Fairy Tale 2

Story Spotlights – Pirate Adventure

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