Best Budget Telepractice Tools (Headset, Webcam, Greenscreen)


Logitech New logitech h390 USB Headset with noisecanceling Microphone Bulk Packaging, 5.8 Ounce There are must-haves and optional items that have helped me during telepractice. I'm including my top value, budget-friendly choices which have served

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Covid-19, Clean Hands & Face Masks


Since making my playTOK Feelings and playTOK Let's Pretend interactive games, I really wanted to use characters for other topics. I find it really useful for targeting various topics (e.g. pronouns, sequencing. See bottom of

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I’ve Been Busy! play play playTOK!


I have been so busy trying to get all my thoughts into my tablet toys. With each new set, I learn new things and jam pack my playTOK tablet toys with even more content. There's

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