It’s here! Do you need a way to practice conditioned play audiometry via telerpractice?

There are some ways you can adapt your practice face to face online to have families listen and follow directions. However, it may involve a preparation and collection of similar items from both ends.

Although it does not work on all platforms, I do find the use of Zoom with screen share and giving mouse control very helpful for children working on receptive language. It lets me view in real time how they are moving items on their screen. playTOK creates a variety of open-ended and versatile sticker play sets, and is now providing conditioned play audiometry sets for your telepractice.

This “Conditioned Play Audiometry” Practice and Testing set of Boom CardsSM on Boom Learning was created to help support children practice conditioned play audiometry.

Find the starter bundle on Boom Learning. Here is “Conditioned Play Audiometry”:

Here is  a video demo:

The practice edition involves a set of tones which play at random intervals. There are about 12 tones per page.

The testing edition does not include any sound, so that you can pair it with your own.

You can also find the same bundle in a Christmas version called “Conditioned Play Audiometry – Dancing Elves”.

“Conditioned Play Audiometry – Dancing Elves”, is the same as the original, but it includes various slides that include dancing Elves as a reinforcer (e.g., after a set of 12 repetitions).

If you are working on listening, single-step directions, etc, and you want similar reinforcers (but open-ended for language), you can also check tou:

Toy Box

My Puppy

To read more about a variety of playTOK boards that are appropriate for receptive language and screen-sharing, you can check out the blog post, ” Top playTOK boards to use with Sharing Mouse Control”. It includes a variety of Boom Cards play sets by playTOK which are similar to magnet boards or sticker play sets in real life > Read about it here.

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