How To Use playTOK Boards

Why should I use playTOK Boom Cards?

We all need some go-to resources that are versatile, fun and easy-to-use!! I love using reusable sticker scenes with my kids, and playTOK boards work the same way! In addition, I wanted to create board that had minimal animation, noise and distraction. PlayTOK boards are made with therapy and live interaction in mind.

How playTOK boards can be used

In-person therapy – This is a great option because a tablet is easy to disinfect!!!

Telepractice – Think of playTOK boards as versatile, fun and easy-to-use games that work similar to a reusable sticker scene.
Home practice for parents – After sessions, you can assign boards to your students on Boom Learning.

Things you need for telepractice

  • For telepractice, you will need a computer (desktop or laptop) with a mouse. A tablet that has a mouse attachment may also work.
    Zoom or Google Meet with screen sharing
  • The playTOK Boom cards – for a small fee, you get sticker scenes that will last forever!

Things you need for in-person practice

  • A tablet
  • A stylus – both you and the child can use a stylus to access the screen instead of your fingers. Alternatively the child may not be able to use a stylus so only I would use it.

What can I target with playTOK boards?

Expressive Language – either model language or encourage kids to use language to describe the boards or give instructions

Receptive Language – you can give mouse control to your kids and have them follow your spoken directions.

Speech – you can rename characters to target a specific sound, or use sounds in carrier phrases.

Token economy – to help children get through lengthy tests or stay engaged in therapy, you can use a first/then approach to task completion. For example “first we will do 5 words, then you can have a turn with the playTOK board”

Turn-taking – you can take turns during games

Fluency – you can use the scenes to encourage conversation

Social thinking – depending on the game, you can use the boards to help child take different perspectives (e.g. what does he/she want to eat?)

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